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Whether you are top-class developer and programmer or a newbie to the world of blogging, WordPress can be your instant way into blogging. WordPress is a platform where you can host free blogs and customize them to your needs.

By customizing your WordPress blog you have the option to go for different ‘themes’. One such theme is the Thesis theme for WordPress. It a very flexible and easy to use theme, which offers the user, no matter what experience, an easy way to adjust and control the look and layout of the blog.

The main aspects of choosing a theme on WordPress is generally split into four main categories; design, ease, flexibility and of course, price. Find a happy medium between these aspects and you will have yourself a very appealing blog.

thesis 2Dtheme Thesis Theme

The ease at which Thesis is used is mainly down to the way you can tamper with the layout of your blog. The in-built layout generator allows you to alter the amount of columns you have on your blog. These ‘skins’ can let you go wild with your imagination, helping you build a very unique and original blog which not only appeals to the eye of the reader but is keenly spread out in a neat format.

The backbone of the Thesis theme is the ease at which search engine optimization (SEO) could be applied. The simple code of the theme gives a quick loading time of the page, so no more waiting around while jazzy pictures and videos load up. The original designer, Chris Pearson was quick to announce that the Thesis theme was designed with creative users in mind. There is even an inbuilt forum to ask questions from Chris and his team. The idea was to encourage Thesis users to ask for advice so that they remain fully pleased with choosing it for their blog.

seo Thesis Theme

Many bloggers have realized the speed and reach that the Thesis theme gives, such as it almost always ranks highly on Google’s search engine results page. This is vital for anyone who wants a blog to showcase to the rest of the virtual world. Being ranked highly on Google will not only bring more traffic, but if you monetize your site with Google’s Adsense, more traffic equals more profit for you.

Another great area of the Thesis theme is the way it can be tweaked to suit your needs. There are many Thesis skins out there, meaning your blog will remain unique to you. Skins are what makes your log stand out from the rest. The Thesis theme itself is fairly bland, but that is literally only the tip of the iceberg. Chris Pearson didn’t want to push designs onto people, he just wanted to create a usable and functional theme.

This variety just proves the worth of Thesis to the whole of the blogging community and it’s no wonder why it is such a popular theme. Once you put your own spin on a Thesis blog, you can have multimedia, adverts and pictures which help liven up what is a thoroughly special WordPress theme.

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