PSJailbreak is alive, and v2 is coming?

We might have known that despite being the Godfather of all PS3 Jailbreak USB chipset, the people all over the world whom pre-ordered their USB dongle, never got a hand of their original PSJailbreak dongle. Or at least no one ever reveal themselves with the original PSJailbreak. Though, to the extent of the people who received the samples from PSJailbreak team and the guys over OzModChips as we have seen the groundbreaking Youtube video from them on PSJailbreak dongle, but that’s about it. Nothing for the PSJailbreak since then. We have seen numerous fake PSJailbreak clones and they seems to works well since they are using Atmel board (according to some whom received them) which works well with PSGroove which also practically has the same functions as the PSJailbreak.

OK, I’ve just had a chat with them, they are still online but hiding their status. They say that they will be releasing an update within the next week or 2 that will be compatible with 3.41 and 3.5 firmware. Other than that, they wouldn’t tell me anything about the retail product other than it being upgradeable in some fashion. They also confirmed that the sample that was sent to me is not and will not be upgradeable in the future.

You read it right. It might also works with the 3.50 firmware version. Seems that their long silence resulted in a better working exploit. Kudos to them! Well, this might give a signal to Mathieulh and others for a new version of PSGroove in the future and better working PSGroove exploit. PSGroove v2 perhaps? But, what i am afraid of is that that i also have read about PSJailbreak team attempt to prevent others from copying the exploit. I hope it is not true. Though we cannot blame them for doing that. It’s hurting them big time in the process. Nonetheless, i really looking forward for next month!

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