PS3 Jailbreak Without Messing With Power + Eject?

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Phirenz is having some random experiment in testing the new alternative method to jailbreak your PS3 console which does not requires you to shoot the power + eject combo button. While that part was a bit annoying, disconnecting PS3 from the power cable is quite a frustrating one too. So, if you guys have some free time why not helping phirenz with his little experiment?

As for your guys information, he has quite a good track record with his development of the PSL1GHT, an open source SDK which provides you the alternative and LEGAL medium for the development of homebrews for the PS3 Jailbreak.

Random Experiment.

I am wondering about the feasibly of a version of PSGroove that doesn’t require you to press power + eject to start your ps3.

So lets do an experiment:

Starting from a ps3 which is off, plug in your PSGroove dongle (or anything else like PSFreedom, official PSjb or a clone dongle).

Turn your ps3 on normally using either the controller or power button.

Your ps3 should boot, and then display “Unknown usb device connected” a few times.

About 5 seconds after the last “Unknown usb device connected” message, (which will be about 15 seconds after the xmb finished loading) unplug your dongle.

Your ps3 will either crash or keep running normally, record the result.

Repeat steps 1-5 until you get bored.

Email your results to, include the number of times it crashed compared with the total number of attempts, what type of dongle you have, your ps3 firmware version and what model ps3 you have.

Even a single attempt would be useful, but it would be great if you could do this at least 10-20 times.

Currently, i have no time to do this, but as soon as i have an access to my PS3, i will be sure to do this. It is very interesting what phirenz can come out with this. I wish him a good luck.

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