PS3 Is OWNED Even Without USB Dongles

The day has come for a true hacks of the PS3 that opens all the door in the console’s securities. Yeah, that might be the line to use to wrap up the earlier conference that teases us the next hacking solution to the PS3 from fail0verflow!

Just now, i barely able watch the live of 27C3 talk on streams so i can’t really totally explain what is all about. But, after my readings i believed that the PS3 is now totally ripped up, you can jailbreak, and downgrade the PS3 without the dongles and play all games on a retail console. That was truly a dream come true for some, even so there will be a shitloads of homebrews for the PS3 now that there are a lot of developers being exposed with this.

In the meantime, fail0verflow just teased us with AsbestOS.PUP, now you get the idea right? We basically can have the PS3 updated to a completely custom firmware or something like that since it’s PUP file. AsbestOS is marcan’s linux loader for PS3 if you did not know yet.

You can expect the “real things” to be shown tomorrow in another presentation from fail0verflow guys. Here i gather some of the talk from various forums about the conference.

Allow anyone to sign executables and run them on any retail PS3 and the console can’t tell the difference.

No need of USB sticks anymore. Homebrew can be signed like legitimate Sony software and run on unmodified PS3s.

So from my understanding, they can make homebrew applications that have the official Sony signature key. This means that you don’t even need to hack the PS3 anymore, you just load the file onto your unmodified system using any USB device and the PS3 just treats it as a normal PSN game.

So basically, Sony are completely fucked.

But basically they talked about how the PS3 totally failed in security, and the signing keys are there inside everone’s PS3 Console, and their is a way to overflow the bootup via replacing the NOR flash on startup.

Once the keys are out, we can sign our own downgrades, mod stuff in 3.55 etc etc. the door is wide open now . If lv2diag.self is revoked by a signature, we mod a few bytes = new sig & resign it.. jig downgrade then works again..etc.

I guess now they’re going to remove the jig function at some point in the future.

Games are signed with different keys. They said it was possible to get the key but that they wouldn’t be working on it. Someone will probably make some loader though.

EVERY SINGLE PS3 SOLD at the moment is able to be downgraded;
we are now able run ‘encrypt’ our own files with SONY’S encryption key

SourcePSGroove, Neogaf, PS3ISO, PSX-SCENE

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