PS3 Decryption Tools – All In One Decrypters

User has released a handy tool where your PS3 decrypting needs just come in one simple pack. Well, check it out yourself here:

here is a little precompiled windows toolkit for your decryption needs
all yet available keys are included.

geohot, ooPo, mathieulh, waninkoko

this kit contains cygwin compiled versions of tools made by the above mentioned devs.
thanks for the keys, too
i did some slight changes on decrypt-self to support key files. source code is included…

key files:
first 32 bytes: erk
last 16 bytes: riv [/quote]

Well, with this release you can just imagine the atmosphere in the Sony’s PS3 New Year party now that the keys has been leaked. Needless to say, Happy New Year Sony! icon smile PS3 Decryption Tools   All In One Decrypters


Chossy from PSX-Scene made a quick GUI for Windows users (has some overflow errors atm but basic functionality works)

Unpack the GUI and the Commandline tools in the same folder and it should work.

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