PS Downgrade in REAL action! (Video)

Unsatisfied with the poor video from the official PS Jailbreak team themselves? Well, now thanks to holiday carts you can get a clear 720p view of what’s going on with the PS Downgrade kind of thing. Just a side note, it’s only works with the original PS Jailbreak dongle, so if you guys didn’t have that one, i guess we have to wait for graf_chokolo to make his fireworks icon wink PS Downgrade in REAL action! (Video)

Oh, and PS Jailbreak is hiring:

Homebrew developers and software engineers we want to hear from you. If your looking for part time or full time work please contact us Only Serious inquiries from people with experience.

Again we revolutionize the world and show the disbelievers that we are the original source. We understand what we are doing and will continue to be at the forefront of support. Officially launched today is our sister site the worlds only downgrader. Allowing you to downgrade your new console to any previous firmware version. With a PS Jailbreak and PS Downgrade now all all 44 Million users and counting can enjoy Homebrew. We dont like new comers beeing singled out , so we ventured into the unknown once again and now brought you an out of the box USB solution.

All dealers should contact us for new pricing schedules, as well as marketing material. We have just completed a new batch of product ready to ship immediately.

Please beware PS Downgrade only installs on original PS Jailbreak devices. There are numerous inferior clones and copycats out on the market claiming to be compatable with our support. This is FALSE!!! Buy original from a trusted reseller or risk being stuck with a paperweight.

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