Man Almost Kill His Girlfriend Because of PS3

In what’s going to be a final break point for Colleen Frable who was sick and disgusted with her jobless boyfriend playing games in the Sony Playstation 3 console all day, Colleen did what few other gaming maniac widows might have tempted to do – she took the PS3 console and brought it up to her workplace.

Darren Suchon. mugshot, headshot. ///LOCAL – Contributed Photo – MC-LEHIGH-TOWNSHIP-VIDEO-GAME-CHASE story

But the problem is, while she was madly pissed, the 42-year-old boyfriend, Darren Suchon was pissed too. After discovered that her girlfriend had kidnapped his beloved PS3, Suchon followed his Colleen’s vehicle from their home, eventually forcing her car off the road and rear-ending it – while DRIVING HER 1996 GOLD PORSCHE. Wow Darren, it is amazing that he can’t see how that would end badly at all.

Yep, that was no fairytale ending. While Suchon convinced that he was only trying to get his PS3 console back, Lehigh Township police weren’t quite as understanding and giving him an access in Northampton County Prison on a $25,000 bail for simple assault, reckless endangerment, harassment, disorderly conduct, reckless driving and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

And to sum it up, he might be able to play PS3 games all day again single when he gets out.

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