LV2 Patcher V6 Official Release From Kmeaw!

Just after i posted new Rogero Manager update, i checked Kmeaw’s official LV2 package link and i noticed that it has been updated. So, it’s official that there is V5 of the LV2 patcher from Kmeaw. Not sure if it’s fix some of the issues we had before or that it has increase the compatibility of some backup games, but let’s read his github change log:

  • New Makefile stuff
  • Changed u64 to void* for lv2_alloc
  • Some more build system stuff
  • Fix +0×8000000000000000 offset, handle bad reads, show current patch.txt path.
  • Add 50 pixel margin.
  • Add CREDITS file.

Source: Github

To make sure that you have the correct V5 of the LV2 patcher, you can check the hashes of V5 as well as the older versions.

V2 MD5: 16AA65365A889F1CD4CAF2A7E6856FBC Size 91kb
V3 MD5: E003AF9E01831F3B7FACFA5F41CE1443 Size 90kb
V4 MD5: 78A22498F167119E4EB4A9CE416657DA Size 91kb
V5 MD5: BE10C015EF0CD17032831141824FA6C4 Size 91kb
V6 MD5: D7FF629B669644CD77707CB6C5129475 Size 124kb

UPDATE: Now, Kmeaw has updated his LV2 patcher to V6. No major update though, just a new icon.

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