LV2 Patcher V4 Update From Kmeaw – Fix Some Crashes

Kmeaw has updated his popular LV2 Patcher app for your backup needs. For those who are using backup manager as an alternative to LV2 patcher, you need to wait the respective developer to update the integrated patcher in the version of their backup manager or you can also compile from Gaia Manager’s github where Kmeaw has pull some updates there. You can see some changelog from his github:

  • Font pixel doubling.
  • Add indentation rules.
  • Change patch format.
  • Version bump.
  • Reindent the code using new Makefile (make indent).
  • Prepare to share some code with GaiaManager.
  • Fix some crashes by disabling some of the patches.

Source: Kmeaw’s Github

UPDATE 2: Just confirmed that it is V4. Here are the MD5 hashes.

V2 MD5: 16AA65365A889F1CD4CAF2A7E6856FBC Size 91kb

V3 MD5: E003AF9E01831F3B7FACFA5F41CE1443 Size 90kb

V4 MD5: 78A22498F167119E4EB4A9CE416657DA Size 91kb

UPDATE: Actually, there are no actual version number being specified by Kmeaw, so not sure whether this is V3 or V4 but it is definitely the latest.

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