LG Wants ITC To Ban Sony PlayStation 3 Product In The US

Famous Korean company wants popular Sony range of products, PlayStation 3 and Bravia series banned in the United States for claims of patent infringement on the Blu-ray playback. The complaint has been made to ITC who has the power to block product sales and imports that violate US patents. FOSS Patents blog has the final touch.

The complaint broadly relates to “certain electronic devices having a Blu-Ray Disc player and components thereof”, but the PlayStation 3 (Model No. CECH-2501A) is the only Sony product to be specifically named in the main document of the complaint. According to a Bloomberg report, LG simultaneously filed another complaint against Sony over its Bravia television sets. I have only seen the PS3-related complaint and will focus on that one here.
What we’re seeing here is retaliation. At the end of December, Sony filed an ITC complaint against LG, seeking an import ban for a list of mobile phones. On January 27, 2011, the ITC voted to investigate that complaint, as I mentioned in my previous post. Now LG — which boasts in its complaint that it owns 90,000 patents and patent applications on a worldwide basis — is striking back at the PlayStation 3.

via FOSS Patents

This is not the first time Sony has been taken to court for such things, last year, a Taiwanese company has claimed that Sony has infringed their patented Memory Caching technology.

You can download below the complaint made by LG against Sony regarding the issue above courtesy of FOSS Patents blog in PDF format.

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