Japanese burned down house after mother trashes his gundams

A repressed, depressed, dejected thirty-year-old Japanese nerd, Yoshifumi Takabe did what other emotional Gundam bots boyfriend might do after his mom, which whom he lived with, threw away some of his beloved robot action figures. He burned down the house, with anger and hatred of his deceased Gundam girlfriends. Yoshifumi Takabe says that he always thought of killing himself after the death of his loving Gundam ‘bots that always being his lifelong partners. Just recently, he plead guilty of his crime with a sense of justice in Kobe District Court for setting the fire last year.

Update: According to the news last year, Yoshifumi Takabe, a Japanese factory worker, is suspecting his 55 year old mother of disposing the Gundam models rather than it is in fact happened. And despite being doused in kerosene both escaped the blazing two-story house uninjured.

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