Introducing MinimusUSB (Minimus AVR USB)

Alright guys, if you didn’t get a hand on your USB board yet. Don’t worry no more. Team-Xecuter, which is known for a lot of works on the Xbox world is in behind the scene for the production of Minimus AVR USB! They claimed that they can supply the much needed high demand of the dongles to people all over the world. No confirmation yet which type of board they will use but AT90USB162 is the most possible. So, what you guys are waiting for, let’s start bombarding their site with pre-orders!

Our factory has been commissioned to manufacture the Minimus AVR USB Dev Kit and we can confirm that we were able to use our contacts at Atmel to secure a large amount of stock now and in the near future for them.

Production began this week and we will be shipping to the Minimus guys this weekend. Although we are actually manufacturing this all support will be offered by the Minimus guys on their website. We make many OEM devices for other companies which are undisclosed, however we felt this one deserved a mention.

The product is as high quality as you can expect from anything manufactured by Xecuter and naturally we helped to tweak the design a little to make sure it was spot on (Cleaned up schematic, added Power & Status LED’s, made sure all 22 I/O lines were available, more durable RST/HWB buttons for bootloader access etc)

Product Details:

minimusavrusb Introducing MinimusUSB (Minimus AVR USB)
Presenting Minimus, a high quality production grade AVR USB Development Unit that is clean in design, low in cost and readily available to resellers around the globe. There are hundreds of projects available for the AVR USB hobbyist looking for a powerful yet cost effective solution. Works with Open Source LUFA USB firmware library and Open Source LibUSB software library.
  • ATMEL AT90USB162
  • 22 Programmable I/O Lines
  • 16Kbyte Flash
  • 512 Byte SRAM
  • 512 byte EEPROM
  • 16 MIPS Throughput
  • USB 2.0 High Speed
  • 16MHz Quartz Crystal Oscillator Circuit
  • 5V USB Powered
  • Power / Status LED’s
  • Male USB Connector – No Cable Required
  • Access to all IO’s
  • Easy Program / Update with Atmel FLIP (Flexible In-system Programmer)
  • Robust HW/Reset Buttons (Simple Once-Only Operation When Programming)
  • Full LUFA Compatability
  • Full LibUSB Compatability
  • Simple Plug n Play
  • Atmel FLIP Software Drivers:…p?tool_id=3886
  • Software Compatible With Windows 9x / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 and Linux.

Here are some development resources for AVR USB Development:

  • AVR-USB-162 blink LED demo code (C source and HEX)
  • AVR-USB-162 button demo code (C source and HEX)
  • AVR-USB-162 frequency generator (C code and HEX)
  • AVR-USB-162 mouse demo code C source
  • AVR-USB-162 virtual COM port demo code C source
  • MyUSB LGPL USB stack from Dean Camera

Also some useful AVR USB Development Websites:


The Minimus AVR USB is powered by an Atmel AT90USB162 that is pre-programmed with the bootloader which allows code to be programmed inside the chip without any external programmer, just download the FLIP software from Atmel’s web site and load your HEX code. To enter the bootloader mode you should simply press and hold HWB button, then press and release the RST button.

Get the Atmel FLIP software here: – these also include the Windows driver.

On Sale at various dealers including:

  • ModTraders
  • CK3 Games
  • Mr Modchips
  • Modchip Canada
  • Foundmy
  • Acidmods
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