Install PSGroove on iPod Touch 1G and iPhone 3G

UPDATE: You guys should check this easy guide to Jailbreak your PS3 with iPhone 2G or 3G. Full credit to MBFtrace and microsnakey for the this guide. You

anVm6 Install PSGroove on iPod Touch 1G and iPhone 3G
UPDATE: You guys should check this easy guide to Jailbreak your PS3 with iPhone 2G or 3G.

Full credit to MBFtrace and microsnakey for the this guide. You guys contribution has helped the iPod community a lot.

First, i will show you the guide to install PSGroove or we can say psFreedom on your iPod Touch 1G. To get it working on iPhone 3G, jump below.

Requirements to run PSGroove/psFreedom on iPod Touch 1G:
An iPod Touch 1g which is running 3.1.2 jailbroken powered by the great blackra1n
Vmware Player
Ubuntu 10.04
PS3freedom for ipod touch
OpenSSH (Installed from Cydia on your iPod touch)

Alright, so I start here by assuming that you guys have all the requirements above. But, please be aware that 3.1.2 iPods jailbroken with redsn0w may or may not work.

Install uBuntu on your VMWARE player and start it.
First we will install OpeniBoot, just get it from the link that is provided.
First, make a folder in your home directory named openiboot, move the files from the download above into the openiboot folder.

Now, open a terminal (under applications, accessories) and type “cd ~/openiboot” without the quotes. Next, type “sudo su” (for the rest of this section, do not type the commands with the quotes around them). Enter your password that you use to sign in to linux (don’t be afraid if you don’t see yourself typing anything, its a security feature).

Now then, we get to installing openiboot. Plug your iPod touch in with recovery mode (shows up as connect to itunes on your iPod). In VMware, go to the VM tab, go to removable devices, and look for anything saying apple device or iPod. On that, click “Connect (Disconnect from Host)”.

Now, in terminal type “./loadibec openiboot.img3″. You should see openiboot come up on your iPod Touch. On your iPod Touch, click the top left button once, so you highlight Console. Now, click your home button. On linux, in terminal, type “./oibc” quickly after doing that last step. You should see the text on your iPod come up in the linux terminal. When you see “Welcome to OpeniBoot” type “install” into the terminal.

You should it start to install, so wait a few minutes until it is completed. Congratulations, you have installed OpeniBoot and finished the first part of the tutorial!

Now then, to get the exploit installed installed ( Don’t need ubuntu from now on)

Take the 2 files from the .gz(extract using 7zip) you downloaded (android.img.gz, zimage) and put them in a place you will remember. Next, open up iFunbox(in windows) and navigate to root file system/private/ and copy those 2 files into the var folder (root file system/private/var).

Make sure that the 2 files are exactly the same size as the files on your computer, as this is an annoying part to screw up on. Now that that is done, open up winscp. But before you can do anything with that, go to your iPod Touch and find your IP address (Press the blue arrow in Wifi Settings).

Now, copy the IP address into the winscp “host name” box. Then put the name “root” as username, and the password “alpine” as the password. Now, before connecting, change the file protocol to scp. Then, press login. It should take a moment, then display your iPod Touch directories on the right side of the screen.

Navigate to private/var and check that all 2 files are there. Now, right click each file, select properties, and change the permissions to 777 (make sure the first 3 rows of boxes are selected).

Turn your iPod Touch off, and then on, and OpeniBoot should come up. Select Android, and it should boot.

kkVjd Install PSGroove on iPod Touch 1G and iPhone 3G

Install PSGroove, psFreedom on your 3G iPhones!

Just to let everyone know that iphodroid works immaculately for 3g iPhones so you can just skip the “uBuntu” half of the guide.

just use iphodroid to install android, use iphodriod to get yourself out of initial recovery mode(when you try to reboot into iPhone OS).

Then, just overwrite the original android image files with the new psFreedom ones, change the permissions and your are good to go.

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