Install PSGroove in Atmel USB Controllers

UPDATE: You might want to check other TUTORIALS too. You are looking on how to create your own PS Jailbreak? Well, i have found a tutorial to install this

UPDATE: You might want to check other TUTORIALS too.

You are looking on how to create your own PS Jailbreak? Well, i have found a tutorial to install this little piece of greatness in Atmel USB PCB Controllers, credit to grecomafioso.

So when you want to install the devil, you need download it. Just go to the official download site for PSGroove and download the PS Groove HEX file, psgroove.hex

Done? Ok, so we need one of these USB pcb controllers, it is very easy to find it online, just use your favorite search engine. You know what is search engine right?

• AT90USB162
• AT90USB646
• AT90USB647
• AT90USB1286
• AT90USB1287

Alright, so lets get started.

Device Firmware Upgrade

When you received your very own AtMel USB PCB Controller, the first thing to do is to load the HEX file into the on-chip flash memory of your microcontroller. The “Flip” Software is the tool been used to upgrade the device firmware (you can get it for free at USB CD-ROM or Atmel Website).

You must follow these steps carefully and should be completed to allow the device starting DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode and then it will load the HEX file:

1. Install Flip software (Flip Version 3.0 or above is required).
2. Push the RST (Reset) button.
3. Connect the board to the PC using the USB Cable (Standard Ato Mini B)
4. Push the HWB (Hardware Bootloader) button.
5. Release the RST button.
6. Release the HWB button.
7. If your hardware conditions explained above are correct, a new device detection wizard will be displayed. This will happen if you are using Flip for the first time. Please follow the instructions (the INF file is located in the USB sub directory from Flip installation: (“install path:ATMELFLIPFLIPx.x.xusb”)

New Device Detection Wizard

Now, on your PC screen, the New Device Detection Wizard will automatically open.

Select “Install from a specific location (Advanced)” and click on Next>
Select “Search for the best drivers in this locations.” and click on “Include this location in the search:”. Now Browse to the path C:Program FilesATMELFLIP 2.4.2usb and click on Next>

Then, check your Device Manager. There should be a new icon with the description AT90USBxxx (where xxx is the number of your USB PCB Controller). If there is no icon show, you must start the procedure again.
Ok, now your Device is in DFU Mode. Launch the program Flip to proceed with the flashing process.

Click the chip-icon in the upper left corner and select your device from the up-poping list.
Now click on the USB-Cable icon in the upper left corner to select the communication mode. Select “USB”. In the up-poping window click on “Open” to open the communication port.
Now click on “File” “Load HEX File…” and browse to your ready psgroove.hex file.
Now Load the HEX File (in the Operations Flow Tab Check Erase,Program and Vertify,then Push Run button) A window will pop-up that shows the processes.
After all the processes are done click on the “Start Application” button in the right down corner.

The AT90USB boot loader will detach and jump into the user application when “Start Application” button is pressed.

Congratulations, now your very own PS Jailbreak clone is ready (It is without the Backup Manager support though)

PS: I know this tutorial is not perfect, will update it when neccessary. Thanks to grecomafioso for this.

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