Gran Turismo 5 Works With Prologue EBOOT?!

UPDATE: It might be a false hope as a lot of users having the same problem as before (although most of them does not fit all the criterias), but you can

UPDATE: It might be a false hope as a lot of users having the same problem as before (although most of them does not fit all the criterias), but you can always try it on hopefully, there will be some exciting news icon smile Gran Turismo 5 Works With Prologue EBOOT?!

UPDATE 2: There is another GT5 Prologue EBOOT being posted at the source forum which is different that the EBOOT that i uploaded (The file sizes at least) also you can see the PARAM.SFO in it. So, I’ll put up a new pack, scroll down to the bottom to see the new download. Please give it a try to see it it works on you guys console as my downloading adventure of the GT5 has not finished yet.

UPDATE 3: Seems that the exciting part is over (read the comments below), might just wait either the PS Downgrade or the PS Grade and buy the original game. A BIG THANKS for trying it guys!

I think the wait to play Gran Turismo 5 in a PS3 Jailbroken console is almost over, a Spanish member from PS3SOS, has posted on the forum that he has tried the much anticipated game with the GT5 Prologue Eboot running the original Hermes v4b payload and it’s unexpectedly work! No black screen whatsoever you can play the backed up games on your PS3 Jailbroken console just fine (according to him) although the downside from his method is that the trophy doesn’t work. Not sure why is that but here is what he has posted in the forum, roughly translated from Google.

Yesterday I start moving things around the game …………. eboot.bin use of prologue

hermes use V4-b (the last before psn)

load the game …… but as I started to step up brand friend trophies error loading ….

10 veses start as a career and not ever finish a game or crashes ……….

also to be siencero …….. the game is a cheap copy of prologue

disappointing ……… wait for me much more ………

so just waiting to put extra cars and some tracks?

mmmm there is nothing new in management, Grafik, etc, the music is good till 60% the same as prologue

desepcionante,,, hurt by waiting,

and so many people waiting to use it, I hope you like more ka me

Thankfully, Drakul has explained it much further, it seems that AVR Maximus is required which makes me more confused, maybe works with other AVR board too?

So what he says is that he tried with the US version since the EUR version gave him an error (probably the black screen we all been used to)

And he says that to put it to work he as done the following:

– US Dump

– Didn’t use FTP

– Used the splitter for the files bigger than 4Gb

– Used eboot.bin from GT5 – Prologue

– Edited paramf.sfo to 3.41

– Says he puted it in 3.41 mode with a BR in drive on External HDD

– And states: “IMPORTANT! Use Hermes v4b not the version with the spoof

– And last but not least says it only works with a AVR maximus… dosen’t boot with a ps3key ,nor ps jailbreak ,nor ps3 break 1.1 or 1.2

So i’m out of business for testing since i have ipod nano 1g icon razz Gran Turismo 5 Works With Prologue EBOOT?! , anyone with a Maximus can test this?

(nevertheless i’ll try to do this “receipt” later at home after work and putting the devils to sleep…)

And here you go, for anyone who has been searching for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue EBOOT.bin icon wink Gran Turismo 5 Works With Prologue EBOOT?!

UPDATE: New link to a working GT5 EBOOTS!


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