3.55-Waninkoko CFW With Backup Manager Support Is Released!

UPDATE: Don’t install this CFW, it is a dangerous one. The most anticipated CFW by Waninkoko is finally here! Now, you can enjoy PS3 games

UPDATE: Don’t install this CFW, it is a dangerous one.

If you don’t have a brick CFW 3.55 Waninkoko now, that doesn’t mean it won’t brick after 3 reboots…

To make everybody happy… WARNING! CFW 3.55 can brick your console. Do NOT install it except you’re 100% sure it works in your model.

The most anticipated CFW by Waninkoko is finally here! Now, you can enjoy PS3 games backups on your 3.55 PS3 console without the hassle of patching it into a PKG file. In fact, there will be a lot more PS3 games to be working in this version of custom firmware. Already had Geohot’s CFW on your console? You may want to look on the recovery menu method of PUP installation.

+—————————+| PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 || developed by Waninkoko |+—————————+| www.teknoconsolas.es |+—————————+>> DESCRIPTION:This Custom Firmware for the PS3 increases the system features of your console toallow the installation and execution of homebrew applications.This Custom Firmware could allow too the loading of legal copies (backups) usingthese new included features.We don’t support and condone the usage of illegal copies.We are not responsible for any damage for the usage of this Custom Firmware.>> INSTALLATION:1. Download PS3 Firmware 3.55 (PS3UPDAT.PUP file).2. Patch PS3UPDAT.PUP file with the patch included in this package using the “bsdiff” tool (http://www.daemonology.net/bsdiff).3. Install the patched PUP file like a normal firmware update. (in case you’re already in 3.55 you need to install it in recovery mode).>> KUDOS:- Team fail0verflow- KaKaRoTo- flukes1- Hermes- jgade

Custom Firmware v3.55 for PS3 released! Tools will be pushed in github soon.

UPDATE: Seems that some people has reported bricking issues. BEWARE!

Do NOT install in Slim consoles! Looks like users are reporting bricking issues. That’s weird as the CFW was tested on both models.

apparently PHAT models are bricking as well IRC is currently at 5 bricks (just an fyi)

UPDATE 2: Waninkoko has recommend that you update to the Official firmware first before using his CFW.

I recommend updating first to OFW 3.55, then to CFW 3.55. I’m sorry for all the consoles that have died, this was unexpected :S

Source: Twitter

CFW_v3.55_Waninkoko_PUP.zip CFW_v3.55_Waninkoko.zip

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