CFW Evilnat Promises Backup Loader On Your PS3 (WIP)

In a surprise occasion, nathan_r32_69 a.k.a Evilnat from PS3SOS has announced his CFW project for the PS3 console which delivers the final unlock, the

In a surprise occasion, nathan_r32_69 a.k.a Evilnat from PS3SOS has announced his CFW project for the PS3 console which delivers the final “unlock”, the backup loader. What did he meant by backup loader? Google translate has the answer:

Good fellow, you know that I decided to make a CFW and investigate, since the programming along with the PS3 is a pretty fun hobby

“This software is shared with no warranty. Neither I, nor members of PS3SOS liable for any damages to your console. Use with caution.”

*** UPDATE ***

I have access to the archives of the kernel of the PUP, as I can I start to create the Backup Loader

Took several days creating this CFW as many already know, only with the disadvantage that do not have Kakarot tool as it gives me errors everywhere, so I’m doing everything manually, and it takes more logically.

I know many will think that I’m doing a CFW own seeing what’s online and who are very advanced, I know I could be stupid, but the reason is very easy, if not the major draw, if I get SI Exposing LO.

Comment I did not know for sure if it would get, but I always try.

For now its beginnings are already made, the CFW 3.41-Evilnat

The firmware that you create and modify debug options enabled take, I have all minimum.
At the moment these are the ones that are built:

* Install Packages Files
* App_home/PS3_GAME /
* Title Store Preview (InGame) (Added on 09/07/2011)
* Title Preview Store (Store) (Added on 09/07/2011)

I wanted to share with you CFW early yet to give me ideas and comments and stuff.

For now equals that of Kakarot, as this in Beta and very green for now installed demos from Install Package Files and run like yours, has taken me days to finish because I have little free time

I just made the 3.41 version, also the hare of 3.55 and 3.15 if it can be (for those who are still in that version).

Tomorrow I will put the download link if you want to leaf through and tinker with, I will add new features like the Debug Options Settings.

Right now I leave it installed to mess with homebrew signed and improve your firmware, and also edit the Game OS.

I repeat: DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU GET HOMEBREW OR BACKUPS, so if I can not I avasalleis

If anyone wants to work and know programming, you can contact me if you want.

Thanks to all who have supported me to keep trying.


As you can see, his work is still in BETA, so i believe these PUPs are just PoC.

CFW 3.15-Evilnat: [FileServe] – [MegaUpload]CFW 3.41-Evilnat: [FileServe] – [MegaUpload]CFW 3.55-Evilnat: [FileServe] – [MegaUpload]Source: PS3SOS

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