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The USA does not have an exclusive on the issue of illegal immigration. Look at the methods some Asian (mainly Chinese) and Africans have tried to use to get

The USA does not have an exclusive on the issue of illegal immigration. Look at the methods some Asian (mainly Chinese) and Africans have tried to use to get into the EU and in most cases France or the UK are the preferred destinations.

People are spending years of future potential income to secure spaces in shipping containers, that they could die in, as a way of seeking a better life in other parts of the world and to enable them to support their family back home a little bit better.

The EU also has a lot to answer for as Poland, for example, has lost lots of its well qualified scientists and doctors etc to countries in western Europe, mainly Ireland, as the salaries for jobs in hotels, restaurants, bars etc are better paid than the professional career they have chosen in their homeland. I shudder to think what is going to happen with Romanian and Bulgarian citizens when their countries become members of the EU.

Some UK citizens are extremely angry that EU citizens from some countries are actually claiming state benefits in the UK for family members (mainly children) that are still at home in their own EU country. I think this loophole in the UK benefits system will need to be closed down. This is just one example of where the UK government is underestimating the intelligence of the non- British residents of the country – they know our benefits system better that the government does and take advantage of whatever they can legally claim for. What irritates the UK citizens is that other EU citizens have not paid a penny into the state system in the UK but are claiming money from it almost as soon as they get here for other family members not in the country.

Immigration is a hot political topic at the moment and politicians should fear this subject as much as they should try to understand the motivations behind would be migrants – illegal or not.

I come down to this on very simple terms. If someone wants to come to this country and is willing to do so legally without running the risk of falling in with criminal elements aiming to exploit them for personal gain and without caring what damage is done to those who’re being exploited, come on in. Learn our language and know our laws and what laws will protect you when you need it. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re here illegally, you’re a loiterer or a fool who let themselves get shafted by a system that weakens both our countries and reduces you even further into a serf status (perhaps even slavery). Go back as quickly as you can before harm befalls you or we have to carry you back. You can always do it the legal way.

If you only want to stay long enough to get a job done, remember when you have to return home and don’t linger any longer than is necessary. I’d be glad to welcome you back on your next job assignment.

Those guys who use immigrants only for the cheap labor, remember this: pay them when the paychecks come in. Don’t force them to work God knows how many hours in order to make your damned profits and forget that they may have families back at the homeland who need that money to buy food and clothing for themselves. And don’t forget that those of us who may buy your products or use your services could always go elsewhere if we realize something’s wrong with what you’re doing.

For those who’re seeing the immigrants (illegal or otherwise) as cheap votes: you’re all bastards. Cheap, cheap bastards. You’re no better than the bastard who’re sneaking these poor people over our borders or undermining the job market just to get the easy money. Get the hell out of our government and go set up your little fiefs in whatever country they’re trying to get out of if you’re so damned cheap. I don’t want your “help”, you cheap bastards.

For those who’re using the immigrants as fronts for whatever dirty little “wars” you’re fighting on our borders and inside of them: you’re all trash. Expect the door to get slammed in your nose. Hard. People like you are probably one of the reasons that those poor people are so eager to get away from their old lands in the first place.

One final word.

I fully expect that if I were in the shoes of an immigrant and I were forced to leave my home to find a new place to live, I’d have to run a gauntlet just to get some food in my stomache and a roof over my head. If the roles were reversed, I’d have to learn Spanish (or whatever the language is where I’d be running to) and to learn the laws and customs of the land just to make sure I’m not one of those who’d be getting thrown in a cell or tossed back across the border. I want to feel welcome, not despised. That’s the way it should be.

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