Hyundai Santa Fe – The New Wagon

Before the Sport Utility Vehicle which also known as SUV, came the wagon. Wagon serve the basic purpose of carrying more cargo than what a sedan can do and at

Before the Sport Utility Vehicle which also known as SUV, came the wagon. Wagon serve the basic purpose of carrying more cargo than what a sedan can do and at the same time using same similar amounts of space and natural resources as it fuels. Things changed as time move by. SUV gained more popularity in the 90’s as the people desire to have something that is more rugged and spacious compared to wagon. Hyundai seized this opportunity by inventing their very first version of SUV, the Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundai Santa Fe is a mid-size crossover SUV which was built based on the Hyundai Sonata platform. If you did not know, Hyundai Sonata is another model produced by Hyundai which has been sold millions worldwide.

The name of this SUV was named after the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hyundai Santa Fe was first introduced in 2001, again as their first model of SUV. It was released at the same time with Ford Escape and Pontiac Aztek in the US. Despite of all the critics from journalists for its obscure looks, the SUV was highly demanded among American buyers. Due to the popularity of SUV at that time, Hyundai had trouble in fulfilling the demand. Soon after the success of Hyundai Santa Fe in the US, it quickly became Hyundai’s best seller and contributed a lot in Hyundai’s success in the US.

Ever since it is produced in 2001, the production of Hyundai Santa Fe never stops. Hyundai Motor Company keeps on producing and improving the SUV. From 2001 till up to date, the Hyundai Santa Fe can be divided into two generation. The first generation of Hyudai Santa Fe covers the production from year back to 2001 till 2006. On the other hand, the second generation of Hyundai Santa Fe was produced from 2007 till now. The main different between the two generation is the appearance, where the second generation which was first manufactured in 2007 sheds the old styles’s quirky design in favor of a more contemporary look.

There are a few reasons why Hyundai Santa Fe is better than other mid-size SUV. The first one is Hyundai Santa Fe is designed to de-stress you. With pin-point details in the interior design by Hyundai interior designers, you will feel luxurious when you are inside it. Next is the appearance. While other mid-size SUV shaped like a tool shed, Hyudai take it to a next level by paying a speed skating gold medalist to demonstrate the essence of speed, motion, power and refinement to come up with a perfect body design that is aerodynamic but not anonymous.

When it comes to protection, Hyundai Santa Fe offers more than others. It is equipped with six standard airbags and active front head restraints. Due to this, it was chosen by Institute of Highway Safety’s (IHS) to be vaunted with “Top Safety Pick”. Not only that, it also earned five star crash test ratings for in front and side impact tests for three years in a row. Now that is what you should think about when choosing the right SUV, not just the appearance.

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