Self hypnosis

One best definition for hypnosis is a state of concurrent relaxation and concentration with an increased consciousness evoked from suggestion. Meanwhile self

One best definition for hypnosis is a state of concurrent relaxation and concentration with an increased consciousness evoked from suggestion. Meanwhile self hypnosis is a form of hypnosis which is induced by the person itself and normally makes use of self suggestion. Hypnosis is more likely to resemble meditation and has a dubious image. Some people have made their living by overlaying this practical and useful technique with unwarranted mystical and magical rituals. To mere fact, it is a useful tool to achieve deep relaxation. Self hypnosis is often more practical as a stress management tool than normal hypnosis and it does not requires a hypnotist to be present.

Self hypnosis can not be dangerous. This is because hypnosis is a completely natural state and it is pleasant apart from relaxing yourself at the same time. It is out of the question for anybody to get themselves hurt by hypnosis. During ancient years, hypnosis is used as an alternative for drugs and it is more use as complement in medicine. In fact, hypnosis has been used for thousands of years to effectively speed up healing and relieve stress symptoms. Hypnosis does not make you helpless as claimed by others. During the process, you are not immobilized. In fact you can change where you sit, scratch yourself or even sneeze. If you wish to take yourself out of the trance, what you can do is simply open your eyes.

Listed below are some basic steps on how you can do self hypnosis:

  1. Find a quiet space or room and then sit in any comfortable chair or sofa.
  2. Make sure that you are not going to be disturbed by others for at least half an hour.
  3. Close your eyes and let your mind work in getting rid of any feelings or fear, stress or anxiety. If this is your first time, you might find it difficult not to thing and you may find that thoughts keep intruding. If this happen, try not to force the thoughts out. Observe them impartially and then let them slip away.
  4. Next is to recognize the tension in your body. Begin with the lower part of your body, toes. Envision the tension slowly falling away from your body and disappear. Then you move on to other part of your body until you have reached the head. Visualize each part of your body becoming lighter and lighter as you see more and more tension slipping away from your body.
  5. Take a deep breath slowly. When you exhale, see the tension and negativity leaving in dark cloud. As you inhale, see the air returning to you as bright force filled with positive and lively energy.
  6. Now you are extremely relaxed. Imagine you are lying on an island, alone and having yourself outcast by troubles and problems.
  7. Next, imagine you are doing something you love. Envision it while you are on island. Keep on envisioning it slowly and doing it again and again.
  8. When you think you had enough, take a deep breath. Open your eyes slowly as you are getting back to your feet.
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