HTC Diamond (Raphael) PSGroove port

Heads up Diamond users, now you can enjoy PSGroove or you can say psFreedom on your PS3 console! PSFreedom for HTC Raphael (only tested on HTC Touch Diamond and

Heads up Diamond users, now you can enjoy PSGroove or you can say psFreedom on your PS3 console! PSFreedom for HTC Raphael (only tested on HTC Touch Diamond and Diamond CDMA – Confirmed working on HTC Touch Pro RAPH100)


How to install:

  • Extract the archive on your sdcard (replace zImage/modules)
  • Run Haret with USB connected to your PC

To enable

  • Disconnect your USB from PC
  • From android go to DevTools->Terminal Emulator
  • Type “su”, then “cd sdcard”, then “insmod psfreedom.ko”

How to Use:

  • DO NOT UPDATE TO THE RECENTLY RELEASE FIRMWARE 3.42 AS IT FIXES THE EXPLOIT! This means that anyone with the 3.42 kernel will not be able to use PSFreedom.

If you want to connect to PSN without updating, use of of the many proxy methods to bypass the update check. Search google for more information on this matter.

  • Use PSFreedom at your own risks. We are not responsible should you damage and/or destroy your device/phone, PS3, or any other electronic device used in the attempt to root your console

Now that you’ve read the important disclaimer above, here are the instructions on how to use PSFreedom.

  • First, you need to know if PSFreedom works on your device, so go to the Device compatibility list and verify that your device is in there
  • If your device isn’t listed, then make sure your device is indeed capable of running a Linux based operating system!
  • If your device isn’t in the list and is a Linux device, then go to the ControllerList to know how to verify which controller your device uses, in order to attempt to guess if your device is supported or not
  • Once you found your device in the list, and it is set as ‘Complete, then click on the device name to go to that device’s page
  • Follow the device specific instructions for getting PSFreedom on your device.
  • Once you have the driver loaded on your device, you may want to configure it to use a different payload than the default one. Read the Using bin files page for more info.
  • Once you’re ready, turn the switch off in the back of your Playstation 3 or unplug the power cord.
  • Then plug in your device and plug in the power cord of the PS3 or flip the switch back on.
  • Once you have that done, quickly press the power then immediately after press the eject button (as fast as you can).
  • You will know it work when it takes a slightly longer time (about 5 seconds more) to turn on.
  • The PS3 should boot up and you will see two new options in the games portion of the XMB (cross media bar).
  • That’s it, you’ve rooted your PS3, and you are ready to install Homebrew applications!
  • You can now safely disconnect your device and return it to normal operation mode while enjoying this exploit.
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