How To Run Backup Manager On Your 3.55 PS3

Anonymous asked me to post his step by step tutorial where even my grandma can mount her MW2 game on a backup manager. So, here they are, i hope you guys who still haven’t got a clue to run a backup manager on your PS3 should take it to rest.

All you need is a/an:

  • PS3
  • Flash drive (a USB drive) – FAT32 Formatted
  • Internet access
  • Knowledge of English (this guide uses that, so, you know)


Ok, let’s start:

  • 1. Make sure you are on official firmware 3.55. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Put the Kmeaw firmware in your USB drive. Make sure the path is like thisx:\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP
    (x being the partition you use for your USB drive, such as F, D and whatnot)Note: Make sure this is the ONLY thing in your USB drive
  • 2. Stick the USB drive into your PS3. Now, turn your PS3 on and navigate to System Updates. Select it, and choose the Install from Media Storage option. Let it do it’s job for a while.
  • 3. Now, you will see two new folders under Games, app_blablabla, and Install Packages. You will be using BOTH.
  • 4. Then, go to your computer and get a backup manager of your choice, lv2 patcher, and fix permissions thing. Can be found here:multiMAN (I will run the tutorial using this one, just to let you know) Manager You CAN get both backup managers, but I haven’t really seen the point in constantly switching between the two, as compatibility is really quite the same.Lv2 Patcher Permissions in Files
  • 5. Once you have downloaded all that and unzipped it, cram it all into your USB drive. No, you don’t need to make a silly PS3 directory like you did for updating the firmware.
  • 6. Stick your USB drive into the PS3. Now navigate to the Install Packages folder. (In case you are wondering what pkg. files are, they’re kind of like .zip files for your PS3. Get it?) Now ‘unpackage’ those files by selecting to install them. Yes, ALL of them. Lv2, Permissions, everything in there.Note: Sign in to your account after doing all that, NOW!Note 2: Check to make sure you have ample space (20GB+) in your PS3 hard drive. If not, either delete some stuff you’re sure to never regret deleting, or find a guide to replace the hard drive in your PS3 into a bigger one. Better yet, find a an external hard drive that has big enough space.
  • 7. Now go under your game titles folder and you should notice that these tools you just installed are in there. First, run the lv2 patcher. Wait a while, it’s supposed to do that. When it’s done, it will tell you to press X, and you will go back to the XMB. Secondly, run your backup manager. Go through all the legal crap, and finally, once you see an empty column, devoid of any games, breathe a sigh of relief, because you are halfway there!Note: You will have to run the lv2 patcher every time you restart the console, as in from click-the-glowing-red-button-on-the-PS3 restart. Not the constant fading in and out that you will be seeing frequently in the process of the guide.UPDATEmultiMAN & Gaia Manager has the LV2 patcher integrated, so you don’t have to start it every time you boot. Just start the manager and you are ready to go. Also, multiMAN has the permissions fix solution, not sure about Gaia..
  • 8. Now, insert a legit PS3 game disk into your PS3. It will magically pop up in the backup manager’s column. What you want to do here is to copy the game. Press the ‘copy’ button according to the button guide given. Then, the PS3 will start backing up your game! Drink some tea, eat something, clip your nails, as you wait for it to finish.
  • 9. Once that is finished, it will download the cover for the game. (THIS is why you need to sign in first. Or else, it will go into a hang, and you will have to close the console. Everybody hates doing that.) It might take a while, but once you’re done, eject the legit game disk. Now, read these next steps carefully.
  • 10. Press the ‘load’ button according to the button guide given. Then, select NO to the given prompt. Then, it will go to the XMB. Lastly, select the “app_blablabla” right on top of the Install Packages. If your steps are well-prompted, then the game should be running. (PLEASE GIVE IT AROUND 10 MINUTES FOR CONFIRMATION BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE.) If it does nothing, and just goes into a black screen, restart the console.Note: For games like Modern Warfare 2, or Call of Duty: Black Ops, consult Google about it. Sorry, but I never really play shooters, thus I wouldn’t really know how to fix a problem I don’t encounter myself
  • 10b. Run lv2 patcher again, then run the Fix permissions (See UPDATE above). After that, follow the usual route (go in backup manager, load game, press NO, select app_blabla) and try again. It BETTER WORK. If not, then the game either is incompatible, or require a special fix you can find by probably using Google.

Full credit to Anonymous for this tutorial. I just edited some part.

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