Hacking=Cheating? A Plead And Explanation From Kakaroto

We get messages like the mail below once in a while too. Most of the times the misconceptions puzzle the others who’ve seen how the scene works/lives. For

We get messages like the mail below once in a while too. Most of the times the misconceptions puzzle the others who’ve seen how the scene works/lives. For us it seems so clear that opening one door on our hardware has nothing to do with what others do on their hardware.
Cheating and disruptive online play have always been connected to any console, hacked or not. For the PS3 that ment that even in 2006 online disruptive behaviour was good enough reason to get your (unhacked) console banned.
For me personally, I don’t value online play as much like others might do. I love a good gameplay on the sofa with good friends, Offline- and LAN gameplay are my top desires (besides modifying consoles beyond ‘what the manufacturer intended’ and seeking out new potentials and knowledge in the process of exploring these).

Right, what has this to do with this article? KaKaRoTo also gets his bumbs once in a while with people blaming him (because his name is mentioned in the media) for opening up the console and (the far fetched misconclusion that he is) spoiling online play.

How to deal with this? Let’s give word to Ynos from ps3mfw and KaKaRoTo himself:

Today, KaKaRoTo has received yet another “hate mail” in his inbox. However, from what he told us, as opposed to most of the hate mail he receives, this one was sent by someone who was polite and respectful. That prompted KaKaRoTo to give this person a response, and he decided to share it with us, in the hope that it will open the eyes of others.

He is also kindly asking every PS3 user out there to NOT use their systems for evil purposes, whether it is for cheating or for piracy.

Hi there,
I’m an honest guy and i would like you to kindly stop hacking the PS3 version of MW2. I would really like to play normally but it seems that I can’t find a normal lobby. If you don’t want to stop could you please tell me why you are doing this?
Thanking you in advance,

And his response :

Hi [private],

I get a lot of hate mail recently from people who have no idea about who I am and what I do. Thank you for being polite and respectful. For this reason, you are the first one to whom I will reply.
I do not hack MW2, I don’t have MW2, I never bought it and never tried it. I hate FPS shooters, the only ones I ever played were Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, and I never played those in multiplayer, only single player campaigns.
I am not responsible for whoever is hacking your MW2 servers, the real people to yell at are those 10 years olds in their basement thinking they’re all great for doing stuff like that.
They should be reported and their account banned, but that is beyond my control.

What I do however is completely different, I defend you, I defend you from Sony’s unacceptable behavior. Imagine if for some reason, Microsoft or Apple (Windows or Mac OSX) were acting like Sony, and that you couldn’t access anything on your computer without their authorization? You want to install Skype, you can’t because Microsoft didn’t “approve” it.. because they want you to use MSN Messenger instead… Then where is your freedom on your own machine ?

Also, what about the fact that they removed Linux support. Sony removed an advertised feature! I bought my PS3 *because* it had linux support, then they removed it. Maybe you didn’t use it, maybe very few people used that feature, but that is beyond the point. Just recently, Norway came to the conclusion that what Sony did was unlawful and there are countless lawsuits against what they did. And this sets a precedent.
Imagine if tomorrow Sony says “in the next firmware update, we will remove from the PS3 support of playing Bluray movies and DVDs”.. you bought the PS3 for that, you use that feature (or maybe you don’t, the issue is that someone else does), and they can just remove an advertised feature? It’s illegal, but why can they do it even if it’s illegal? For one simple reason, they have total control over the machine. They could very well do it, then say “pay a 100$ subscription per year to enable that feature”. The machine *can* do it, it did before, but they block it on purpose because they don’t care about their customers.

Recently George Hotz got sued by Sony because he accessed *HIS* PS3 system that he bought. He owns it, if he wants to put it in a blender or throw it out the window, it’s his right, but Sony sues him for “hacking into a protected computer owned by Sony”.. so for them, that PS3 that you own and that you bought with your hard-earned money is NOT YOURS, it’s still theirs, it’s like you rented it (but you didn’t). If you try to access your own computer, they could sue you, just as if you tried to hack into your bank’s server somewhere.. and that isn’t right.
Sony tries to make it seem like they own your PS3 and they own the PS3 that is in everyone’s houses across the world, and that simply isn’t right and it should be made illegal for them to act that way.

Long story short, this is what I do, I let people gain access to the hardware they own, what I do is 100% legal in my country (Canada), and it is equivalent to the recent DMCA Exemption for jailbreaking phones. Now, if someone uses that to do nasty things, you have two people to blame :
1 – the stupid kid who did it
2 – the developers of MW2 that didn’t write their program correctly.
There are many FPS shooters on the PC, and people can install what they want on their PC, that doesn’t make it impossible to play an FPS game on a PC, simply because the developers write their code correctly to prevents the cheaters from cheating.

Anyways, I hope that my explanation makes everything clearer to you, and that you will not judge me for what I do, because I am not a cheater, I am a freedom fighter.

Thank you,

Finally, from his twitter, he wants to point out that these terms have completely different and unrelated meanings, but people are still using them interchangeably : a Hacker, a Cracker, a Cheater and a Pirate.

And here are the various definitions of the word ‘Hacker’ from wikipedia :

Hacker (generic term), Hacker (programmer subculture) and Cracker.

Couldn’t say it any better imo icon smile Hacking=Cheating? A Plead And Explanation From Kakaroto

Tweets from KaKaRoTo followed up after the above article:

I would like to ask anyone with a modified PS3 to NOT cheat or do piracy. Respect everyone’s fair rights and do not kill the console we love

I would also like to request every website that posts news about MFW or homebrew to include a disclaimer asking people not to cheat. thx

I agree on all of the above, so here my personal plead to you too:

Support developers, buy your games

Cultivate positive gameplay, do not cheat

Modify your own console, respecting other consoles icon smile Hacking=Cheating? A Plead And Explanation From Kakaroto

Source: http://ps3mfw.com/?p=134


In case you wondered what people like Kakarato have to deal with via mail, he decided to share it:

On Saturday 5th February 2011, @KaKaRoToKS said:

Here is for everyone’s amusement, the unedited copy of a “hate mail” I received from someone, I like the “foeva” :

“aight nigga u prolly aint gonna read dis but i dont give. y u hacking bro? u think u bad azz? u think u hard? bitch u aint nothin but a coward. a lazy cheater scum. i hope yo azz gets banned from ps3 foeva. cuz of punk azz bitches like u we get all these bullshit updates that dont do shit just like yo mama in bed last nite. so stop fukin hackin u aint cool u prolly jus sum fat nerd 40 yo virgin. go get laid an smoke a blunt ffs nigga. yall need to change fo realz”

p.s: This stuff makes me laugh, don’t worry, it doesn’t depress me or anger me when it comes from brainless people icon smile Hacking=Cheating? A Plead And Explanation From Kakaroto
I hope this makes you laugh as well.

I hope the author of that mail is asking for a money return from his educational institute.

Tweet source

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