Geohot: Full 3.55 CFW PS3 Jailbreak Is Working! (Video)

In what could be a glorious day in the PS3 scene, geohot, famous for leaking the metldr keys, has finally able to Jailbreak the 3.55 firmware that will comes in PUP which means a total CFW!

But wait, George Hotz has stated that there will be no “peek & poke” in his PUP which would then enabled mass piracy of PS3 games in the scene. With this particular news, i am not sure if i would be happy or not..

Anyhow, he will release a video later on for this, so let’s wait for the CFW excitement and listen to the Great Geohot 

[17:03] < @geohot> yea, full jailbreak working 
[17:04] < +grandy> nice geohot
[17:04] < @geohot> package installed and run
[17:04] < +Xtse> good job
[17:04] < +segobi> good work yes
[17:04] < +inf1> 
[17:04] < +evilsperm> and grats geohot lol
[17:04] < +inf1> kernel patching or npdrm builder?
[17:04] < @dwrfcrank> geohot: cool
[17:04] < @geohot> omg no kernel patching
[17:04] < @geohot> omg omg omg omg
[17:04] < @dwrfcrank> 
[17:05] < @dwrfcrank> geohot’s reactions wrt kernel patching are always fun
[17:08] < +RyLoS> geohot: full jb working on 3.55?
[17:08] < +inf1> well, he probably signed right and bypassed npdrm
[17:09] < +inf1> but how he delivers it to the ps3
[17:09] < +djp> yea he said yesterday he was working on npdrm
[17:09] < +inf1> ?
[17:09] < +RyLoS> so syscalls working?
[17:12] < @geohot> no peeking or poking
[17:12] < @geohot> stop ir
[17:12] < @geohot> *it
[17:12] < @geohot> updating to 3.55…
[17:13] < +inf1> so, you installed it on jailbroken 3.41 and just updating to 3.55?
[17:13] < +inf1> no deliver way?
[17:13] < @geohot> installed on unjailbroken 3.41
[17:13] < +inf1> how
[17:13] < @geohot> deliver in pup eventually
[17:13] < @geohot> now it’s lv2diag
[17:14] < +inf1> what about npdrm
[17:14] < @geohot> beasted
[17:14] < @geohot> make_self_npdrm works
[17:14] < @geohot> and i currently patch nas_plugin
[17:14] < +inf1> sweet
[17:14] < @geohot> but thats up in the air
[17:15] < +Xtse> I think I added the wrong description to my git when adding the key Mathieulh posted inside the source for psp ps3 pkg~..
[17:15] < +Xtse> nas_plugin memory patch?
[17:15] < @Mathieulh> lol
[17:15] < @geohot> nah, on dev_flash patch
[17:15] < @geohot> memory patch = lv2
[17:15] < @geohot> and omg omg omg omg no
[17:16] < @geohot> make_sprx works too
[17:16] < @geohot> if i do release, it won’t be for a couple days
[17:16] < @geohot> but its 4am here, i might still do a video tonight
[17:17] < @geohot> omg updates are so slow

UPDATE: Now with a video “Jailbroken” PS3 3.55 with Homebrew”

It’s 5AM, this is homebrew. No release dates as usual.

3.55 firmware
omg omg omg omg no patching lv2

shouts to fail0verflow and psl1ght

omg omg omg omg no patching lv2!

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