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Fuel efficiency in term of transportation means the energy efficiency of a particular vehicle model, where its total output is given as ratio of range units per

Fuel efficiency in term of transportation means the energy efficiency of a particular vehicle model, where its total output is given as ratio of range units per a unit amount of input of fuel. This ratio is given in common measures according to the unit the area use, for example in the Europe, it is liters per 100 kilometers (L/100km), miles per gallon (mpg) as in the United States, and kilometers per liter (km/L) for most Asian countries including Malaysia. Fundemental understanding behind this ratio is that this ratio is based on the car’s total properties, including the engines properties, body drag, weight and rolling resistance and such may vary substanitally from the profile of the engine alone. Enough with the ratio, we will see top four fuel-efficient cars in the following paragraphs.

Topping the chart is Honda’s Insight. Honda’s all new Insight is the hybrid for the people who can not afford a hybrid. The Insight is powered by a 1.3 liter gas engine and electric motor combination. This combination delivers up to 98 horse power (hp). As compared to others hybrid cars, it is surprisingly sprightly and quite entertaining to drive. Although the official fuel-economy figures have not been published, Honda approximately going for 40 MPG in city and 43 in the highway. This numbers is a little bit below the Civic Hybrid and way below the Toyota Prius.

Following Honda Insight in the second place is Toyota Prius, with the engine size of 1.5 liters. Toyota Prius is equipped with 4 cylinders engine and varibale automatic transmission. Prius offers 51 MPG for city driving and 48 MPG for highway driving. The numbers are slightly higher if compared to Honda Insight. The Prius is the most efficient car powered by liquid fuel available in the US in 2009.

In third place is another Honda model, Honda Civic Hybrid. Honda Civic Hybrid is a hybrid powertrain version of Honda Civic sedan. It was first introduced in Japan in 2001. It features a continuously variable transmission and Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system similar to that is found in Honda Insight. Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) utilizes power assist hybrid technology. Apart from IMA, Honda also combined Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) in order to make all parts work together to constantly select the most balanced and efficient combination of engine and electric power letting each operate at its most oppotune level.

Volkswagen Jetta is the only car manufactured by motor company other than Asian motor company giant, Toyota and Honda in this list. Standing in the fourth position, Jetta is mid range family car produced by German automaker Volkswagen Group. For model year 2009, certain markets saw a new base model internal combustion engine and automatic transmission. The previous 2.0 litre four cylinder engine replaced with a smaller engine where it is equipped with 1.4 litre petrol engine. It combines turbo and supercharging to make a small but powerful engine with low fuel consumption.

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