Firmware 3.50 jailbreak with X3max video posted on

On this bold statement came out “Exclusive LS: Firmware 3.50 jailbroken by X3max!”

This is the third major advance in the world of hacking the Playstation 3: The jailbreaking of PS3 firmware 3.50 by Team X3 with a X3max dongle without downgrade! After jailbreaking the PS3 firmware up until 3.41, then downgrading the firmware 3.50, now Team X3 has managed to run homebrew on official PS3 firmware 3.50 without any downgrading! The downgrade is also possible.

This announcement is important, and Logic-Sunrise has done well to have bet on this team. 2 big questions:

  • Do games like Gran Turismo 5 (which requires firmware 3.50) work?
  • This update is compatible with the X3max dongle? Is it free?

We have that kind of information on LS in a few hours, but the feedback I have from them show it’s free and compatibile with X3max dongle with an update, but I prefer to have confirmation. Until we have more information, a video of the feat.
Knowing the team, comments calling into doubt the hack team by 3.50 X3 will be punishable by banishment to LS.

At first, if coming from anywhere else, I would be encouraged to say it is just a debug console (able to run unsigned code out-of-the-box), and that X3Max felt the drop in sales after the news of downgrading with the E3 Card Reader. But logic-sunrise and X3 both have a good reputation they’re not willing to lose on posting fake video’s. Also, in the video online PSN can be seen, something we currently can’t do with a spoofed 3.41>3.50 payload.

This will be great news for all those X3Max dongles owners out there! Just updating the dongle with a BIN file should be enough (normal X3Max dongle updates are BIN files, after that any HEX could be used with the X3 Programming Tool).

For those who currently don’t own a X3Max dongle, remember they are next to E3 Card Reader and P3Go GT-break the dongle of choice I recommended in the PS3 Jailbreak Devices Comparison Table(s) with features like:

  • It has 128KB flash ROM
  • It has 16KB SRAM
  • It has expandability with microSDHC card up to 32GB
  • It can use generic HEX files
  • If you look for it, can be cheap ( $30,- / PSX-SCENE @ $30,- / 5ps3hacks @ $33.20)

With JailBrake for PS3 Firmware 3.50 possible and only twice the price of E3 Card Reader, in my opinion it is still a recommended choice if you want a JailBraking Dongle complete with encasing and not a development board.

Next stop will be the news page on X3Max announcing their release of the payload BIN in question icon smile Firmware 3.50 jailbreak with X3max video posted on logic

Source: exclue-ls-le-firmware-350-jailbreake-par-le-x3max @
Manufacturer website:

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