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Flukes1 will soon release all the info needed to gain a complete control to lv1 and lv2 of the PS3 security. With the access, there will be huge

Flukes1 will soon release all the info needed to gain a complete control to lv1 and lv2 of the PS3 security. With the access, there will be huge possibilities that the PS3 games that doesn’t work on 3.55 CFW before could now run smoothly on top of the XMB.

Well, look out for Sunday, as Flukes1 will release his Youtube video regarding all the information needed to patch the firmware. According to this IRC chat logs, at least.

flukes1: we have full control of lv1 and lv2 from our test application running as a normal pkg under gameos
flukes1: the issue with lv2 pokes causing shutdown was caused by some protection added in 3.55
flukes1: we found it and disabled it
flukes1: i’m not finished
flukes1: this is the bit you won’t like: there will be no public release
flukes1: as i said, ill release some info
flukes1: if you want BMs to run on 3.55 you need to compromise lv1 and lv2
flukes1: well I seriously wish I could release all this shit at no personal risk
flukes1: I like you guys but it’s not worth it
flukes1: if they know it was me, they can still say it was me and prove it by looking though my computer etc etc
flukes1: so no, i can’t just release it anonymously
flukes1: tbh though
flukes1: the only difficult part is disabling lv2 memory protection
flukes1: and that information will become public soon
flukes1: i’ll post a video on youtube on sunday when I get home
flukes1: game running from hdd under multiman
flukes1: i’ll do a video, i guess sony can’t kick off about that

just a heads up: I will shortly be releasing info on how to get complete access to lv1 and lv2 from an application running under gameos
next few days probably, just want to see what happens with the court saga
flukes1: sploitz?
patched firmware? :/
yeah, plus a shitload of userland code
but the fw patches are tested and stable
modifying firmware is extremely easy compared to fully working lv1/lv2 peek poke

Source: PSX-Scene
Image credited to the original creator which is grandy from PSGroove..

UPDATE: Our man, flukes1 has popped up again in the IRC just now making some further explanation about his upcoming “unreleased” hack and also the possibility to “decrypt” future firmware updates (3.55+) from Sony to the PS3 console.

sucks that i can’t do anymore than that
if my identity wasn’t known, i probably would
you just have to google my nick to see who I am though, it doesnt take a team of sony rocket scientists
flukes1: i bet they could still screw up though icon razz Complete Access To LV1 and LV2 Soon   Flukes1
That reminds me flukes1, I had a question for ya if you don’t mind. It’s not about release times or anything, but about the hack itself.
fire away
This method you found for gameos stuff messing with lv2, does that mean apps still have to be signed until an app is loaded to patch up lv2?
i think running totally unsigned apps requires a lv2 + vsh patch
technically you can patch stuff into lv2.self without editing lv1 at all
but we didnt want to do that because of brick risk
can make them work with a bit of work
we dont really care now though, stuff can be signed
s3ph: yes
any patch done on the flash is highly risky
as you know we bricked 3 ps3s just patching in peek/poke to lv2
we can sign now but what is sony adds more keys ?
arcadekid: then we get the new keys via the metldr key i believe
most people don’t understand what the metldr keys mean
it means that any future firmware from sony can *theoretically* be decrypted
we will not be able to sign stuff for future firmware versions
Clearly with 3.60 Sony will disable tha actual signing keys..
it will be possible to create a modified version of a future firmware update, everything re-signed with the old keys
flukes1: how long you been coding? what language did you pick up first?
noxil: since I was 11, PHP
check your paypal acc flukes if you see someone donated you 1$ your in trouble
someone did

UPDATE 2: It seems that flukes1 is still undecided whether he will release anything or not as he is due to meet a lawyer to discuss about it. Bad news? Probably

to correct an earlier statement: I won’t be posting *anything* including video or info until I speak to a lawyer and they OK it
I am due to meet one shortly and will of course do everything I can do release whatever I can within the law
to release*
technicly i cant see how even a fw with peek/poke could be considerd illegal
its what you do with the peek/poke that makes it illegal
if anything the creators of the managers need to be the ones worried
Blackwolf: currently the status of all of this is unclear in my country (UK) so as I say, I will be seeking professional advice as to what is and is not allowed, as nobody really knows for sure

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