TeaM ACiD1C Releases New Acid CFW Payloads

I have no idea what this is all about since i’ve never tried Acid CFW, but i got the chance to ask euss about this. And below is the release note


I have no idea what this is all about since i’ve never tried Acid CFW, but i got the chance to ask euss about this.

it is used to load modified firmware, sort of mixed frankenstein Retail +Debug with modifed registry entries and XML files
Short: lets you Add and Change things in firmware

And below is the release note from cfwprophet which has been posted at PS3News:

Have some nice infos. I was able to patch my source and successfully compiled the new payload. We already have tested it and it works great.

Again many thx to TargTrainer for the new payload payload_usb_vsh and for teaching me how to do. I have compiled a few hexes for every one who allready wants to test and play arround with it.

The next will be that i commit a new source with a additional added folder redirection for the sys folder of dev_flash.For sure i also will do a payload that direct boots off hdd from a owen previous installed game data folder that holds our acid cfw files.

If you will boot with a non cfw payload usb jig or even without jig you will boot into your untouched orig or jb os.

The autodetection means if you put your usb jig into a pc usb port and just wait a few sconds then psgroove will automaticly jump to the bootloader.

Works like that that summ0ne have added a code to psgroove where groove jumps to the bootloader if jig task was not successful. No nead to push the button to update your psgroove device from pc.But for sure you can if you want.

The folder structure of the usb root device have to look like that: root: /PS3/AcidCFW/vsh

So just put the vsh folder of our acid cfw into the /PS3/AcidCFW/ folder of your usb device.

-Stay Tuned- cfwprophet – TeaM ACiD1C

The hexes available to Minimus, Teensy and Xplain boards, if you have a dongle with any hex support like X3max, PS3USBJailbreak etc then this will an easy task for you if you want to try the payloads. ]]>

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