DukioDukio.com was started as a general topic blog in mind. It means that I will post what is interested to me regardless of the categories. The blog was started on 21st May 2010 with my first blog post. The cartoon logo of Dukio which featuring an adorable little monster was drawn by Matthew Inman a former developer of a very big SEO company, SEOmoz. The image portrayed a dumb look that could be dragged as a perspective of this blog. It’s an image, I think could then be suitable as some sort of an icon to the blog (Seriously, I am little confused with what I am saying). But in any case, I will try to create posts that were not senseless and that you will be enjoyed reading it. I really hope for that!

About Me

I don’t think you guys want to read about me. But since it is my blog, I practically can do whatever I want on this blog. In any case, am very sorry if you read this. Alright, so let’s get started about me.

My full name is Amir Ariff bin Abdul Hadi. I am currently 19 years old studying in a college. Yes, I have some free time, well, I can say a lot of free time for blogging. I love blogging, particularly because I like the simplicity of WordPress. That’s not the main reason, of course. You know, I have this dream to open a newspaper company. That’s why I like delivering news to the people. With all the information in my head, I think I better off publishing it.

As a blogger, I create countless blogs and eventually sold it. It is called flipping. I still remember I sold my first website back in 2007 when I was still in a high school. Not much, but 300 dollars are a decent income for a handsome 🙂 high schooler like me *ahem*. I can brag all day to my classmates about that. Feel pretty good that time. Anyway, I think better stop now. Will update more about me if I got the mood. 😉