5 Reasons NOT to buy PS3

There are lot of PS fans yesteryear who are switching from the console that Sony produces to the Microsoft ones. They have their reasons in which justified

There are lot of PS fans yesteryear who are switching from the console that Sony produces to the Microsoft ones. They have their reasons in which justified their decision to switch. Reasons are classified to ones needs, you don’t have to make decision from others perspective, this just would be a suggestion which you could then take a note whether it could influence your decision or not. So, here are the perspective reasons where you should not buy the Playstation 3 console.

The Playstation Network

There are lot of issues on the PSN now and then and we hear a lot of people moan about it. In other words, PSN is one of the features that is unpopular among the PS3 gamers. Yes, of course it’s free but the price of free that makes everyone considering to buy this console. Until, Sony fixes this up, please don’t fall for free things from the Sony PlayStation®.

Lack backward compatibility for PS2

You have a lot of PS2 games collection you want to play and you don’t want to connect two consoles or that your PS2 has already died. You might want to consider buying another PS2 and stick with it. You see, all PS3s can play PS1 games. But, only the original 20GB, 60GB and the old 80GB (pre 2008) could play PS2 games. It is doubtful to find such consoles at these times unless you are buying pre-owned ones. PS2 compatibility was removed entirely in 2008, and apparently will never return. No current model of PS3 can play PS2 games – and that includes the Slim.

No more Linux on PS3

If you want to use PS3 as your another Linux system, forget about it, Sony has removed the feature late March because of “security concerns”. It is understood that the “security concerns” are an exploit that uses a hardware memory glitch via OtherOS to give access to all areas of the console’s RAM, with the hacker responsible posting that he has been making progress in breaching the PS3′s game security – a move which could have made pirated games playable on the console.

No pirates

Either you are a hardcore pirate or who tried the pirated game first before buying the original ones, PS3 is not a very good choice for you. The Blu-ray is supposedly takes about 10 years to hack and we’ve never heard any news about pirated ones coming in the future. Also, a certain George Hotz who breaking the news with his exploiting capabilities on PS3 is never been seen now on the PS3 scene, his blog (geohotps3.blogspot.com) is now open for invited readers only along his twitter which is gone.

PS4 is coming

PS4 development is on the run and Sony said that it would be more developer friendly which then attracted more good titles to the console. There also might be unexpected features on PS4 so that we could then forget PS3. With the expected release of the next gen console from Sony is between 2 or 3 years time, you might want to save for the PS4 console instead.

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